Arne Handley




New photos have been uploaded. This collection of photos contains a variety of older works along with some recently fired vessels.

About the Artist

In a book I have read recently, the author talked about a character, a saxophonist, who played few notes but played them well. The image stuck with me because I think that is what we all strive to do. The simplicity of the bowl, the comfortable line of a cylinder or the visual expanse of a plate that are done well with few strokes or notes, can be seen and felt. Even when looking at seemingly ornate pieces of Kutani-yaki or Delft porcelain, we look for the simple strokes of the decorator.

We are all offshoots of the influences that got us to the place we are aesthetically. For me, it’s the prairie sky for my colour and the soft evening lines that are primary but the years spent in the mountains of western Canada and central Japan must have had some effect on what I do.

Hopefully, when someone looks at the work (or play) they will see those three or four notes played with, moved and done well. It is my intention they will smile and they will feel better than before looking at the piece, and that the soup will taste just a little bit better.

“The glazes and decorations I use are designed to be simple and minimalist. They will hopefully reflect to some small extent my prairie environment and the strong influences of the sky. The artisan merely sets parameters and works with his hands and his tools within those parameters.”